MrsAbbey: Broken Hearted | PART II

Saturday, February 4

Broken Hearted | PART II

The shattering of my heart when you said goodbye is like the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks .
I stood there in the doorway . Begging you not you leave but you looked at me and said nothing .
Your silence shot through my body straight through my heart , right to my soul , I was taken aback .
It was hard for me to breathe , I choked on my own words . It was like I was dying .
All I could do was stand there with tears in my eyes and watch the very thing I tried so hard to build up .
Come crashing down on top of my head . Cant you see what this is doing to me ?
It breaks my heart that you can stand there and not say a word .
No explintations , no reasoning , nothing . My body is shaking from the core within .
And Im sick to my stomach . I cant make sense of all this and the more I try , the weaker I get .
You finally look me in my face . I notice you cant look me in my eye .
I want you to tell me everything will be fine . I want to know everything will be go back to the way it was .
I want to know that you love me and wont leave me but the look of your face says different .
The look on your face says its all over . The look in your eyes says you want out .
The way you move says that you dont love me anymore . My heart is breaking and I want to die .
You walk to me and kiss me on the cheek and walk out the door .
You’re gone like that , without a word . As you shut the door , I walk to the couch and lay down .
I lay on the couch where we first kissed . I ball up like a baby and die from a broken heart .

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