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Saturday, January 14

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE

Heyyy korang ! JOM tengok cite ni untuk weekend korang yang indah untuk harini ..
Nak ta ? Actually tadi aku melayan cerita ni . Ni ceritaa thai yang paling aku suka . Romance Love Story ! WAKAKAKAKA ..
Comel je pelakon dia ;) 

This emotion brings a natural blush to our cheeks . The rush of adrenaline when that special person walks by us . The heart-stopping moment when he/she looks in our direction . First Crush . First Love . The experience that remains intact despite our growing wrinkles (gotcha!) .  The premise is about a teenager girl , Nam , who is still in her awkward stage , and has a crush on the school’s heartthrob , Shone . Besides her undying love for him , we witness the breaking and mending of friendship . The story about the beauty of one’s personality .

Hahaha best ta agak-agak korang ? Cite ni best sangat JOM tengok !

Adios Everyone !

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