MrsAbbey: #Forgive and Forget

Sunday, June 26

#Forgive and Forget

I will forgive ,
It doesnt matter what you do ,
You know this love and all I have ,
Will always be here for you .
I will forget ,
Anything you ask me to ,
If you dont like when I bring it up ,
My words I will think them through .
I will love ,
Even if you don’t want me to ,
Obsession , call it want you want ,
But this is the one promise that I will always keep for you ,
I will live ,
You know my dreams are all I see ,
Our life is what its for ,
Im going to be the best that I can ever truly be .
I will trust ,
Anything you ever say ,
I put you higher then these fools ,
And that is where you will stay .
I will Forget , I will love , I will live ,
I will trust and I will forgive ,
My love will never go away ,
This is all I have to give .

Bury the hatchet
Keep it intact upon the wind and wet rain
Let the injure stop and silence the cry
Nothing is coming deeper than our consolation
Appease the blood with a green nature
Learn the history for no repetition
We seal the wound with a flesh of forgiveness
Hope for the flower to bloom , again
Nerves will sooth the scar
And nobody will keep the hatred alive
We forgive and forget .

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