MrsAbbey: Its Almost 6 AM guys !!

Saturday, April 2

Its Almost 6 AM guys !!

Hey guys ! Salam 1Malaysia .

Well its almost 6AM in the morning now . OMG ! Im still awake .
And i just cant sleep at all ..
Yes im still awake and still thinking about him .
Everything that i do , im still thinking about him .
I just feel like rambling and i dont know why :'(
So here i am writing probably its NOTHING .
Hmm .. There are so much things running in my head !
I kept thinking and thinking ..
I feel like i need someone 24/7 .
And i must learn how to settle things by myself .
I know its hard for me .. But that is what im trying to do right now ..
Writing is one of my ways on to release my tension .
When i write , it feels like i already dump my problems .
My mind is crowded with thoughts that i dont even known what .
But most of my thought are about something personal on my real life ..
Hmm .. Its too personal and i just dont know who to share with it because it so personal ..
Akemi Caca one of my friend . Thanks to her who supported me all this while .
I love her so much ..
And guys i really wish that things will get better soon .
As soon as possible . I cant stand anymore :(
Whenever the tought slipped in my mind ,
I will brush it away because i dont want to feel down and pressure .
And now i cant brush it anymore because it have been too long and too many of it .
Certain times , the thought occur again in my mind ..

Another thing , I MISS HIM !
Miss and need him so badly :(

Well readers , will update soon .

Adios Amigos !

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