MrsAbbey: It came from my HEART . I love you ! Sarang Hae Yo !

Friday, April 8

It came from my HEART . I love you ! Sarang Hae Yo !

Love - Devotion . Feeling - Emotion
Thats not the beginning of the end .
Thats the return to yourself .
The return to innocence .
Dont be afraid to be weak .
Dont be too proud to be strong .
Just look into your heart my friend .
That will be the return to yourself .
The return to innocence .
If you want , then start to laugh .
If you must , then start to cry .
Be yourself dont hide .
Just believe in destiny

Judge me and I will prove you wrong .
Tell me what to do , and I will tell you off .
Say im not worth it and watch where I end up .
Call me a bitch and I will show you one .
Fuck me over and I will do it to you twice as bad .
Call me crazy but you really have no idea .

This girl stays true to herself and wont let others sway her mind .
She is both weak and strong at the same time .
She will open up to you right away if you ask her to .
Shes interested in what you have to say , she wants to know you .
She will listen and hang on to your every word .
But shes also got stories that you have never heard .

This girl places others happiness above her own .
For her willingness to help she is known .
She loves deep talks and feels theres nothing more worthwhile .
She loves to see you laugh and smile .
She doesnt ask for much but she will give you her all .
She will cry for you and be there to catch you should you fall .

This girl loves music but shes so sick of love songs .
Coz they make her heart twist to think of what went wrong .
She loathes herself for how she treats those she loves most .
Pushes them away when she wants and needs to keep them close .
She wants badly to make it up to them and wants to know .
If they will ever forgive her , and if she can ever let go .

This girl is often underestimated and misunderstood .
Often berated and told shes no good .
She has many flaws but she is learning .
To accept herself and to stop the yearning .
To be in someone else shoes for she is truly blessed .
Shes far from perfect .
But she couldnt careless c0z she puts forth her best .

This girl has now become numb to the pain .
Keeps hurtful thoughts out of range or else she will go insane .
She knows that if she lets one tear fall , the rain will pour .
So she feigns a smile for you til her cheeks get sore .
But she wonders when the hurt will end .
C0z this girl is quite tired of playing pretend .

Adios Amigos !

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