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Tuesday, April 5

Dont Make Any Promises ~

Hey guys salam 1Malaysia ..
Update kali ke 3 kot . HAHA b4 im going to sleep tonight maybe .
Hati rasa rindu sangat , but tiba² hati sakit setelah mengenang kembali kisah lama .
Im sorry guys memang entri aku banyak sangat pasal touching² neh .
Lagi sekali aku gitaw , AKU TENGAH BROKEN HEARTED .
No wonder semua post aku pasal luahan hati aku .
Takde masa nak buat entri pasal dunia , gossip buat masa kini .
Bile dah oke nanti mungkin boleh buat entri yang happy² sokmo ..

P/s : Dont make any promises to me if you are not sure about it .

I remember cold nights ,
Tears I thought would never dry ..
Now I learned the way to break a heart ..
I learned from the best ,
I learned from you . Thank you .
It wasnt that you left me , it was how .
And its not that i miss you ,
Its what you are missing and now you could not return
All the back like before :'(
I guess so ..
I dont want to bring back the memoriest one ,
I live to the future so i only looked up to my future one
I had .
Cause you think this is to quick fast ,
Yeah for the honest thing i told that i will forget
People easily , so here i go !
How was before i sad when you are ignoring my feeling
Than now you are begging for something that want me
To speak out " FUCK YOU ! " you are to lame .
I hide my tears when friends say your name ,
Even the pain my heart just lost ,
Though i smile seems i dont care ,
Theres was nothing to show , its was not im missing you .
But im too not enough to face to face with someone
Was past i love .
I will forgive you but hell no i wont take
For a second chance for the one whos break full lies to me .
Even i will forgive you but your still the big scars to mine .
And no words can erase that .
Dont make any lies to me cause that thing even
How biggers much i do love you ,
I would rather deny you from my list of mind
Then been stupid to accept the film u made .
I hate fakers and liars .

Will update soon readers .
Thanks for reading :)

Adios Amigos !

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