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Friday, July 23

When I Look At Your Eyes

Just wanna share something :)

That they are big and beautiful . I have always thought that . Big and beautiful . The colour that you have is almost like the kind that penerates into the soul . So deep and meaningful . How is a colour meaningful , you ask ? Quite simple . When I look into them . It gives meaning to what I have been thinkin about . You make me think and consider . To double take and re-consider it . Yeah , your eyes are a thing of beauty .

It the most obvious feature on your face and it's the first thing Im drawn to when I look at you . I dont notice how your hair almost magnificantly falls onto your forehead , I dont see how you lips have that perfect arch everytime your thinkin . Nor do I see how you jaw has this perfect allignment with ur magnificent neck . No , I never notice that . All I see are your big beautiful eyes . The way they are shadowed by the curtain of your eyelashes . How when you blink , it gives them life and how you just pull me into them. No, I am not crazy but have you stood infront of the mirror for just a few minutes to look at your eyes ? To see what people see when they look at you ? How passer by's stop in the middle of the street to stare at your eyes . And yet your so naive , you ask me if there is something on your face ? Your too innocent and you dont see .

But I do . I see that when the sunlight falls onto ur etherial face and lights up those eyes . How they change from this light brown to a magnificent amber . It brightens the rest of your face . When you sad , your eyes still smile and when your happy . I cannot even begin to explain how they light up your face . Your eyes exude the confidence that you seem to not see . But I do . I know your drenched in your own purity that only few can see behind your eyes . All in all , your eyes take away my breath . Dont blink , dont look away , look at me . I want to smile today :)

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