MrsAbbey: Early in the morning . WHOOT WHOOT~ PART 2

Friday, February 18

Early in the morning . WHOOT WHOOT~ PART 2

Heart Beat Assalamualaikum Heart Beat
:47: Segmen melalut pagi² buta dah bermula xD
:003:whoot whoot ~
Inilah akibat tak boleh tidur time² 4 5 pagi neh Bear Emo BF
Bosan korang bace jangan gelak oke .
English aku hancus berderai ~
selamat membaca :131:

:65: Its hard to stay mad when theres so much beauty in the world .
Sometimes I feel like m seeing it all at once an its too much .
My heart fills up like a balloon thats about to burst .
And then I remember ,
:65: To relax , an not try to hold on to it .
And then it flows through me like rain .
And I cant feel anything but gratitude .
:65: For every single moment of my stupid little life .
You have no idea what Im talking about , Im sure .
I would rather be the funny one , than the pretty one .
:65: Rather be the weird one ,
Than the serious one ,
I would much rather be a bitch , than a pushover .
And would much rather stick out , than blend in .

:65: Im sick of empy promises , people falling apart ,
and losing touch .
:65: Im sick of the friend who disappears when things get
Rough or stands by you on condition .
And most of all Im sick of being let down .

Its time for something real - someone real .:98:
:65: Im tired of the bullshit - being bullshitted ,:98:
And being the bullshitter .:98:

Oke done .
:102: Adios Amigos !

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